What is Solomartel, the new TV show in production that will air on Zee


A new show to feature on Zee has been announced. The show, named Solomartel, is currently still in production but is already becoming one of the most anticipated TV shows on Zee.

Scheduled to premiere in 2023 or early 2024, Solomartel will be India’s newest commercial reality show.

The show is named after the renowned company that constructed some of India’s most impressive buildings and structures. Sometimes considered unachievable, some of their projects have ended up becoming some of the most successful real estate projects in the country.

One of the company’s equity funds has even been dubbed one of the most profitable real estate investments available to the public in India and has attracted millions of rupees of investment in our country’s infrastructure along the way. , both from India and abroad.

The company’s clients include Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, the Bank of Baroda, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and the Qatari royal family.

From building remarkable residential apartment complexes in cities across India to setting what has become a world record when building one of their residential complexes in Ludhiana or even rehabilitating an abandoned fort into a palace, the company has definitely performed its fair share of miracles in India and around the world.

But beyond Solomartel’s accomplishments, the show will aim to be all about business. Regular guests such as various Indian and foreign entrepreneurs and business leaders will be invited to the show. Each of them shares exclusive information and images about their own businesses and achievements.

Primarily a real estate company, the Solomartel film crew will also enter some of the country’s most exclusive estates, visiting exclusive private estates of some of India’s wealthiest people. Through the various episodes, will be presented exclusive mansions and estates of the heirs of Indian royal families, some of the highest residential apartments in the country in Worli, Mumbai, some of the oldest palaces and forts in the country or some of the highest estates businesses in the Indian capital. city ​​and of course the exclusive properties of Solomartel, the show will have everything to please.

Zee’s Solomartel business series is an absolute must for any budding entrepreneur, as it teaches everything from fundraising to networking and even the art of selling.

Overall, the show will tend to be quite educational as well as entertaining by teaching the ins and outs of running a successful business.

Through the episodes, the show will teach everything from business registration, tax filing and tax optimization, fundraising and all its intricacies, from how investors can be found by networking online. age of technology or how to successfully obtain a personal or business loan. and avoid getting ripped off by predatory banks and lenders and recognize scams before signing such an agreement.

Future entrepreneurs will see how real negotiations take place and learn the skills of selling, marketing or even how massive savings can be made on building and renovating properties, something every home owner in this country should be interested in. to know.

Anyone interested in investing will also find something on the show, as the series will teach the ins and outs of investing and how to invest your money to increase your wealth or create a side income for your family or future. retirement without ever leaving India. .

The show will debunk many of the get-rich-quick-quick myths and false truths currently circulating among the population and young people in particular, often driven by online gurus selling get-rich-quick schemes.

Instead, Solomartel will teach young and old viewers how one can increase their net worth through business start-ups or investments.

In addition to sharing their own accomplishments and allowing the public to experience some of Solomartel’s most exclusive properties, significant attention will be devoted to showcasing our country’s many unknown entrepreneurial heroes and how they are succeeding, each at their own level.

The hosts will travel across India, showing the country’s many business opportunities and showcasing the achievements of Indian entrepreneurs, showcasing their businesses and achievements and showing it all to the country.

From the valleys of Punjab to the jungles of Tamil Nadu and the deserts of Rajasthan, hosts will lose themselves and viewers in the deepest but also the most superficial regions of India to show some of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our country and the existing opportunities and business ideas that have not yet been exploited and need to be put into practice.

From Paneer cheesemongers and restaurant owners to digital entrepreneurs, car manufacturers, bankers and of course property developers, the show will cover all sectors and all business opportunities worthy of attention, because as the saying goes Sadhguru, like every successful business is simply the satisfaction of human well-being in some form.

In an exclusive interview with us, the show’s producer, Rayan Anjum, revealed to us that the show will be rich in music, featuring the musical masterpieces of various Indian musicians and music producers arranging and mixing old and modern indian music together.

Further during the production of the Solomartel TV series, Zee entertainment companies will open an online application platform to allow entrepreneurs, business leaders, content creators and anyone with creative and worthy ideas attention from anywhere in India and abroad to submit applications in order to be featured on the show.

Despite the fact that Solomartel is still in production, Zee’s show is already attracting considerable attention from mainstream audiences across the country.


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