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Miami, Fla., December 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Alberto Dominguez NMLS # 1223499, known as the “Mortgage Superman”, is renowned in the Miami area as a lender, investors, builders and contractors call for alternative financing options when they are not eligible for traditional loans.

Dominguez, a mortgage loan officer at Ideal Lending Solutions NMLS # 1627975, doesn’t need to wear a cape or remove his glasses to reveal he’s the Superman of the industry. Instead, he uses his five years of mortgage experience and the suite of mortgage programs he and the team at Ideal Solutions have launched to help clients all day, every day, by connecting them to carefully tailored loan plans. He knows the right ways to identify each client’s ideal loan plan to overcome the unfair hurdles that some conventional mortgages can create.

Ideal Lending Solutions is a division of American Financial Network, Inc. NMLS # 237341, a California-based direct lender licensed in all 50 states, including Florida. Dominguez works primarily in and around Miami and prides itself on offering the widest possible range of mortgage options.

“A lot of people want to invest in real estate, but they think it’s impossible because they don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage,” he says. “For example, there are some profitable small business owners who can’t qualify for a typical mortgage because of a low value income tax return. But the truth is, there are so many different non-traditional loans out there, and all it takes is knowing the right person who will be honest with them and give them the best choice. “

Its clients get more than just a traditional and quick pre-approval check, whether they are buying a first home, second property, commercial property or investment property.
We see the key to getting the desired result of a property at the best possible price in Dominguez’s approach to the loan process. It goes further by offering full support, including an honest and detailed review of a client’s finances so that they can advise them of any changes that may be necessary to open the door to certain mortgages that they may not. not be aware.

Among its popular services is a CPA P&L program that allows people to buy property without first getting a formal tax audit or waiting for the IRS to verify their income. “Business owners shouldn’t be penalized and prevented from having mortgages just because of their tax returns,” he explains. “Instead, I help them buy a property using their company’s profit and loss accounts prepared by their accountant or tax preparer.”

One service it offers for free is advice for approaching the potentially intimidating world of real estate investing – be prepared. He is happy to provide round-the-clock support to make sure his customers get a first-class deal. However, he wants to let it be known that these are the common mistakes people make when investing in real estate:

Many people tend to jump on any offer they find for fear of missing out. But Alberto reminds buyers not to despair and jump on the first product, deal, or home they see. “Decisions made out of desperation and haste are never good investments,” he adds. Good investment practices have two enemies: fear and greed. This is true in the stock market, and the same is true in real estate investing too.

Dominguez believes that while patience is essential, home buyers should be prepared to jump on a potential investment or property as soon as the best opportunity presents itself. “I always tell them to stay and prepare because the market is so aggressive and volatile,” adds Alberto. “I always advise my clients to get pre-approved, to see and assess their options to find out what they can and cannot afford, and to have their finances in order before starting the research. of a house.”

Talented real estate and mortgage brokers don’t act as sales agents, but rather as consultants who can give people sound advice when it comes to the real estate market. So keeping a lender on the fast dial is like having a consultant on standby to provide you with advice when you need it. Working with a mortgage advisor can become a long-term relationship if you find the right one. Check social proof and see what past clients are saying about that person’s work.

The original Superman Clark Kent championed “the truth, justice, and the American way” for ordinary citizens. Now, Dominguez is revealing the truth about how many types of mortgages there are, and giving aspiring homeowners the justice they need to get the right loan to fulfill their American dream of finally owning a home.

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