The Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment assigns a communication mandate to The Mavericks India


The Mavericks India won the integrated communication mandate for the Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment or Face.

The group’s mission is to promote ethical lending practices in India’s fintech industry while protecting consumer interests from predatory lenders and improving digital financial culture and awareness.

“At FACE, our goal is to work closely with government and other stakeholders and deliver a framework that is built on trust, transparency and accountability, and that can bring India closer to financial inclusion. ”Said Mr. Ranvir Singh. , FACE member and founder-MD.

“We are delighted to join The Mavericks India to further our mission through their expertise in integrated communications in the FinTech industry, and to help us communicate our purpose and objectives to relevant stakeholders. “

With 13 fintech players among its members, FACE works closely with the government, industry players, policy makers and regulators to strengthen the entire digital lending ecosystem and accelerate its growth.

Upon winning the mandate, Chetan Mahajan, Founder and CEO of The Mavericks India, said: “We are proud to partner with FACE in its mission to protect consumers from illicit digital lending practices and the fintech ecosystem in its together. We are excited to bring our expertise in co-creating and amplifying a story for the industry body that can bring about long-term regulatory and policy changes. “


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