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In his column “Klavon’s wage increase is great for businesses and workers,” Joseph Mistick, a reliable liberal, praises the owner of Klavon’s ice cream shop on the Strip for raising his starting salary to $ 15 per hour, in accordance with the current pressure for a similar minimum nationwide. . The owner claimed he had 16 unfilled positions until he doubled his salary, only to then receive more than a thousand applications.

Every business owner has to make staffing and payroll decisions, but one can only imagine how much the cost of a single ball of Rocky Road will put you back at Klavon’s now.

Although I have never tasted any of Klavon’s offerings, I would expect the art of centering, balancing and shaping a Rocky Road ball on a cake cone to involve exhaustive training. . Also, adding a second or even a third scoop would surely require a masters degree in ice cream. We have to give in to the fact that talent at this level needs to be rightly compensated. So you can be sure that you will benefit from the expertise of a nearly $ 20 an hour experience (after tips) if you are tempted to see and taste for yourself.

The owner says more and more people are coming because they want to “support a business that takes care of its employees.” Mistick says that even if we pay a little more, it doesn’t matter if we do the right thing.

If you’re planning on stopping off with a family of four, you might want to consider a home equity loan.

Bill McMaster, Delmont

Ignore the science of abortion

It is common today to demand that we accept the science of covid exposure and vaccination. Yet, for the most part, many ignore the science of abortion and fetal development. Scientific progress is changing this debate.

At six weeks, the fetal heart pumps blood to its own body and its own brain. At 20 weeks, the fetus feels pain and muscle development, and neural connections from the periphery to the brain are complete. We are able to perform fetal surgery and the unborn baby is treated as a patient. Remarkably, 60% of all infants born at just 22 weeks will survive. Most disturbing is the fact that unborn babies shy away from the tools used during the abortion procedure.

Many pro-abortionists identify as Christians, but they refuse to see the fetus as a person. Many turn a deaf ear to the start of life. Is it with a heartbeat or, as I believe, at conception? One can only assume that as science progresses, more and more individuals making this choice will see the fetus as a living and responsive human being.

The purpose of this correspondence is not to judge anyone’s decision. However, pro-abortion denounces “my body, my choice”. But who is crying for the unborn child? We ask who the bell rings for when in reality it rings for all of us, and as a society there will be much to answer as scientific progress continues to demonstrate the errors in our ways.

The Roe v. Wade protects a person’s choice, but a person’s choice destroys the lives of our most vulnerable brethren.

Richard Lafferty, Buffalo Township

How about more money for the elderly?

I listen to the news and read in the newspapers that all the extra money is going to families, bigger unemployment checks and even funds for businesses, and while I have no doubt that they are needed, a once again, people on Social Security are forgotten. We got a small increase this year, and most of that was taken away by an increase in health insurance premiums.

We are told that the cost of living has not increased. Are those who make the decision about our grocery shopping, buying gasoline, paying taxes, or trying to buy prescriptions? Earlier this year my prescription price doubled from last year and then this month when I had to refill the same prescription I was taking it more than doubled again.

Why can’t a premium check be sent to seniors?

Saundra Janssen, Springdale

Cashless PNC Park is bad policy

In mid-May, I took my daughter to watch the Pirates at PNC Park. She loves going to the stadium and watching the pirates. Unbeknownst to me, the stadium had initiated a policy of not accepting cash, only debit or credit cards. I had brought $ 120 in cash with me for food and souvenirs. Luckily, I had brought my debit card too, just in case I ran out of money.

I was shocked when the young woman behind the counter said there was no cash, only debit or credit. I explained that the bills said “legal tender, for all debts, public and private”. She said all she knew is that they don’t take cash. I don’t like using my debit card, especially in environments where the risk of identity theft is greatly increased. Using my credit card would only increase the amount of money I paid for food and souvenirs. (A 24-ounce beer was $ 18.50.)

I’m not sure who in their right mind came up with this policy, but it’s another example of how business and government are out of touch with the people. The Pirates have put an below average team on the field year after year and then charge huge prices for the bases. (I can get an entire case of Yuengling for $ 21.)

Another reason why no one should attend Pirates games until they fix what’s going on on the pitch and in the stadium!

Richard Bell, Township of Ligonier

Questioning Trump’s sanity, Greene

You don’t need a meteorologist to know which way the wind is blowing, said a young Bob Dylan. Likewise, I don’t think a doctorate in psychology is necessary to recognize that Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene are deeply disturbed individuals with mental disorders.

Despite this, 27 mental health professionals published a book in 2017 warning Americans that Trump’s psychological state presented a “clear and present danger” to the nation. This was before the deadly fiasco of Trump’s response to the pandemic and his incitement to murderous mob violence against our democracy on January 6.

Beyond the clearly deranged Greene and the deluded lunatics who attacked the Capitol, there are crowds of registered Republicans who believe, or say they believe, an array of spooky conspiracy theories extolling Trump’s lies and demonizing Democrats.

In my opinion, the Trump sect is the most dire example of what psychologists call the shared psychotic disorder America has experienced since the Salem witch trials of 1692.

The answers, my friend, don’t blow in the wind, but disinformation has been blowing the airwaves for decades – and indoctrinating millions of malleable American minds – since Rush Limbaugh became rich and famous by undermining the common good and inciting partisan tribalism poisoned after the doctrine of fairness was eliminated.

David Ninehouser, Ambridge

Biden’s actions do not conform to the Catholic faith

Opinion contributor Gary Scott Smith wants you to believe “Biden’s faith shapes his politics.” I don’t believe this to be true. President Biden’s policies are shaped by his faith in great government and socialism, to be exact. He is only Catholic in name, for he chooses the laws of God which he will obey or not obey. As Catholics, we are obligated to obey all of God’s laws.

On Sunday, Biden shows up to receive Holy Communion (the body and blood of Jesus Christ) at mass. However, on Monday, he funds and proclaims the virtues of Planned Parenthood, the world’s most prolific abortion provider. This in itself violates the law of God, regardless of what a bishop might say.

Biden not only violates God’s law by supporting same-sex marriage, he makes fun of God by officiating at two same-sex marriages.

When a reporter asked him how many genres there were, he replied, “At least three.” Really! This cannot be the response of a faithful Catholic, for no amount of surgeries or pills can change his DNA. God created them, male and female.

To support his editorial, Smith offers statements made by Biden. You have to be careful: you can’t judge a Democrat by what he says, but by his actions. All this recalls these immortal words of President Donald Trump: Fake news!

Rudolph Puchan, Latrobe

Obscene displays desecrate our precious flag

The article “Leechburg man defends obscene anti-Biden flag visible from preschool, daycare, church” missed the heart of the matter. I saw the same flag on Constitution Boulevard in Arnold. Both owners should be ashamed of themselves, but not for expressing a political opinion.

I couldn’t stand President Trump. They can’t stand President Biden. Fine. Express your dissatisfaction. But don’t do it by incorporating the American flag as part of an obscenity. Using Old Glory in this way is unpatriotic and a desecration of our national symbol. For this reason alone, these flags should be removed. Let these people replace these atrocities with intelligent and thoughtful protests.

Also, just because this word is now in common parlance does not mean that it is displayed in sight of churches, schools, and families. There are community standards, and they must be observed and respected by all.

Leah J. Buchanan, Arnold



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