Payday lender Shelby Finance cancels £ 500,000 debt of hundreds of customers


Lender PAYDAY Shelby Finance has apologized to customers and written off £ 500,000 in loans after failing to provide statements to borrowers.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which checks that companies behave fairly, found that Shelby had failed to provide loan summary statements to more than 15,000 customers.


The Autorité de la concurrence et des marchés (CMA) found that Shelby Finance clients did not have access to sufficient informationCredit: Alamy

These statements are meant to help borrowers manage their money because they contain information including how much interest or fees they are expected to pay and when their next payment is due.

This information can also help clients find a loan that best suits their needs.

Lenders are required to send these statements by law, but AMC found that Shelby Finance did not do so between August 2018 and July 2019.

The AMC said that because research shows payday lenders are often used by more vulnerable clients, it was concerned about the impact the breach could have had.

Shelby Finance has agreed to cancel loans worth £ 527,863 for around 700 of the affected customers.

These people had their loans written off because Shelby was unable to provide summaries of the loans she had missed.

For other affected borrowers, Shelby emailed late loan summaries and made previous summaries available online.

These customers will not receive any compensation for the violation, the CMA said.

Shelby also apologized and took steps to ensure the same issue does not happen again.

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The CMA will continue to monitor its progress and may take formal enforcement action if further violations occur.

Alistair Thompson, Director of Recourse, Business and Financial Analysis at CMA, said: “The summaries we ask payday lenders to send to clients are essential in helping borrowers make informed decisions about their business. ready.

“While it is disappointing to see so many clients not being properly informed, Shelby Finance’s commitment to write off £ 500,000 in loans will help rectify the situation.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and take further action if necessary. “

In February, the TSB announced that it would offer short-term loans to help clients who would otherwise have to resort to overdrafts or payday loans.

Meanwhile, the Sunny payday loan company went into administrative proceedings at the end of last month.

Rival company Peachy also collapsed this year.

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