NFT game “Play-to-earn, Loan-for-play” Aiza World is attracting international attention from world-class investors and experts ahead of their next IDO.


Aiza World is one of the leading metaverse NFT game companies that conducts ESG transactions in a parallel impact world. With an impact and ESG driven world still struggling to make meaningful inroads, the metaverse shouldn’t be a mirror of a broken system that simply stretches from a hostile war-torn society to a online replica of darkness. Aiza World is a shining example of what a values-driven world should enable, where being good can be qualified, measured and negotiated.

Ready-to-Play: Aiza World’s Unique Selling Point

Aiza World is a serial game based on the Metaverse blockchain, refining the new protocol of B2B as a second life and a platform for value exchanges in terms of ESG missions where NFTs represent the key to open a new era of personal values.

Being a series of games that uses the latest blockchain instruments of “Play-to-Earn, Loan-for-Play”, Aiza World also implements balanced two-token (financial and non-financial) tokenomics.

$AIZA is Aiza World’s BEP-20 governance token. $AIZA’s utilities include, but are not limited to, token staking, gambling, participating in auction sessions, and NFT trading. With NFTs, players can build their army and complete challenges in PVE games, and fight with other players through PVP events and upcoming features to get the in-game token, which is named by sound happiness, $AHA.

Aiza World is the pioneer of NFT-backed loans. Without worrying about financial obstacles and first enjoying happiness in Aiza World is the direction we would bring to our people. Not only do we place a monetary value on people, but we also recognize their value by rewarding them in various ways for their contributions.

Play-to-Earn, Loan-for-Play” – Aiza World’s Unique Selling Point

Easy to win in Aiza World

In Aiza World, users can earn $AIZA tokens by purchasing in-game NFTs through the market. These NFTs are used by players using their skills in combination with randomly generated in-game attack and defense maps to win over other players with different terrains.

Diversified fighting styles are one of the positives of Aiza World, which creates a strong attraction even for new players who want to earn in-game rewards. The project plans to expand to multiple game series around NFT players for the foreseeable future.

The first game series launched by Aiza World was Sniper Master; Thanks to the trial version, the project received positive feedback from investors and gamers around the world.

Through early investments in this game studio, Aiza World raised $1 million from several international investors in the first round of funding, such as OneBlockLabs, BFRI Singapore, Kretos Ventures, etc.

An incredible team

A fantastic and cohesive team founded Aiza World. Drawing on over 13 years of experience in the technology development and game publishing industries, Henry Nguyen and his close companions ultimately improve Aiza World to create a true metaverse product and valuable NFTs in the virtual world. and the real world.

The team believes that with the Aiza token, the project also contributes to creating social impact and employment opportunities for all walks of life, so the graphics and characters in the game are designed in the direction of flat design, which is unique compared to other game series. .

Metaverse Currency: A World Driven by Value and Values

With the project’s development momentum, Aiza World continues to receive a lot of global attention from the investor and donor communities.

Recently, Olinga Ta’eed, Ph.D. FIoD, a Metaverse Gamefi pioneer, was named non-executive Chairman of the Board of Aiza World. He is currently a board member and expert advisor of the China E-Commerce Blockchain Committee, which is part of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

The collaboration between Aiza World and CCEG to revolutionize the currency of the Metaverse

He is internationally recognized in the field of cryptocurrency, but key to his appointment to Aiza World is his international recognition as a leading authority in the movement of value – measurement, transaction and delivery. Since 2013, he has served as director of the nonprofit think tank The Center for Citizenship, Enterprise, and Governance (CCEG), which has more than 200,000 members.

CCEG and Aiza World aim to further develop the Microshare token as a metaverse currency and implement it in decentralized gaming.

And after?

Currently, Aiza World is holding many challenges for all valid participants to earn $AIZA Tokens. In each airdrop campaign, all participants will receive ONE ticket to spin the raffle with a chance to get a valuable gift in a golden box.

Moreover, #Aizaworld will officially launch IDOs on the three famous Launchpads: IndoEx, P2PB2B and VinDAX, on April 26, 2022. More information about April 3 Launchpads will be revealed on Aiza World official channels.


Aiza World — Loan to Play, Play to Win!





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