Military spouses get exclusive help to start and run their business


Did you know that military spouses can get great benefits from the Small Business Administration?

From free training programs and advice to exclusive access to cash for start-up and emergency loans, the SBA can help joint military entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow their personal businesses.

Military spouses who move every few years often struggle to access capital and take advantage of many state and local government assistance programs when starting businesses, but the SBA provides access to free training programs. in more than 180 communities nationwide. SBA provides training during all Transition Assistance Program events.

Military spouses are eligible for almost all of the same SBA benefits as most active duty members and veterans.

Find out what special benefits military spouses are entitled to.

Small business training available for military spouses

The SBA offers many types of training for military spouses, active duty members, and veterans – ranging from business start-up assistance to week-long seminars on how to grow and market. a brand or specialized training on how to win federal contracts reserved especially for veterans and their families.

Most of these courses are free.

Besides learning the details of starting and running a business, the real value of these training sessions is networking with other entrepreneurs or experts in the field to learn the real details involved in running. of a successful business.

Find out what courses are available for spouses, active duty members and veterans.

Business advice available for military spouses

Are you ready for a new business idea and plan, but you’re having trouble with local regulations or need to know the best way to ship these essential oils across the country?

The SBA provides free advice and guidance to business owners nationwide through their district offices, veteran awareness centers, and other resources. The SBA can also help you connect with other military spouses business owners, as well as with Department of Defense-certified career counselors who can assist you in many phases of business ownership. a company.

Access to capital

Any business owner knows that money is always important.

The SBA can provide military spouses with access to cash from local and state lenders that ordinary civilians often wish to have. The SBA offers secured loans at competitive rates from legitimate lenders. Beware, there are always those out there trying to take advantage of the military community, and predatory lenders exist in the business world too, not just right outside the front door of your local military installation.

The SBA offers loans with lower down payments; poorly or unsecured loans; long-term mortgage loans; short term operating loans and more. Some loans even come with ongoing financial advice and support from the SBA or the lender to ensure your capital flow plan is successful.

Anyone in the military community knows the apprehension and hassle of finding a new bank in a new duty station. The SBA can even help you find a commercial lender in your area within two business days, and these lenders are specially trained to understand the needs of military family business owners.

Yes, the SBA even provides access to disaster cash in your business; you may remember a few months ago that this little thing called COVID-19 hit business owners hard. Well the SBA was there with a lot of money and other help. Yes, there were a few hiccups in the program, but for the most part people who needed it and asked for help got it. In the future, expect better coordination of the disaster assistance program, but for small business owners the SBA can offer tons of help accessing emergency funding and d other non-monetary aids.

Visit the SBA website for more information.

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