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New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsView)
• ATD Fintech launches ATD Money “Payday loan”
• Allows the borrower to shop around with the amount of interest

Renowned company ATD Fintech with its ATD Money app is launching a “payday loan” which aims to help employees in the corporate sector in times of financial crisis. ATD Money app is a rapidly growing mobile app that provides instant and cashless loans to the working class.

Often we notice that the working class faces financial crises at the end of the month due to unforeseen expenses. So, to help employees, ATD Money app has developed a ‘payday loan‘ which provides short term financial support to employees in business sector / organizations to meet their immediate cash shortage on the basis of their average monthly salary.

When taking out a loan, one of the main concerns is the interest that is charged on the principal amount that the borrower has to pay extra out of pocket. To alleviate the interest burden, ATD Money offers a unique method of repaying the interest paid for the loan by purchasing products from the online e-commerce site “”.

According to Mr. Manoranjan Mohanty, CEO of ATD Fintech Services Pvt. Ltd., “We are happy to launch the payday loan model and help employees in the corporate sector during their financial emergency. In this model, we give them money which is a small amount for a short period. time. Banks and other financial institutions are not very inclined to this type of loan due to the nature of a very small loan amount for a short period. We would like to reach more people and provide them with easy and cost-free services. hassle. “

The working sector with a salary range of 15 to 250,000 per month and aged 22 to 50 is eligible for payday loans. ATD Money app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Today, most of the workers are engaged in an organized industry in India which is facing a financial crisis in their day to day life. Therefore, the market opportunity in this sector is very high.

About ATD Money
ATD Money is India’s # 1 Payday Loan Instant Personal Loan Mobile App available on Android and IOS platforms. It is a technological platform, facilitating the loan of the NBFC partner according to the terms and conditions agreed between NBFC and the customer only. The approval of the first applicant takes 30 minutes, but existing customers will get a loan in 10 minutes. Customers are identified by a unique “CRN ID” for a lifetime. All salaried people with a minimum net salary of Rs. 15,000 people can benefit from an instant personal loan by downloading the ATD Money application. Over 4,000,000 people have downloaded the app so far. Over 30,000 unsatisfied customers have benefited from instant loans disbursed by ATD Money.

Image: Mr. Manoranjan Mohanty, CEO, ATD Fintech Services Pvt. Ltd.


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