Kaiser Permanente, Habitat for Humanity and Oakland Community Land Trust create more affordable housing options



10/06/2021: We Dream in Black “Black domestic workers pursue the call for standards in the care sector. Remuneration, professionalism and respect ”

09/29/2021: William Branch 1927 – 2019 playwright.

09/22/2021: Carl Bean 1944-2021 singer and founder of Unity Fellowship Church Movement, black LGBT denomination.

09/15/2021: Black Theater United ”. . . support[s] together to help protect black, black talent and black lives of all shapes and orientations in theater and communities across the country. “

08/09/2021: Alliance for Digital Equality (founder of Julius Hollis) was a “non-profit consumer advocacy organization that serves to facilitate and ensure equal access to technology in underserved communities”.

08/25/2021: Eugene Williams’ first victim at the age of 17, being stoned and drowned on July 27, 1919, during the “Red Summer” of the 1919 race riot in Chicago.

08/18/2021: Springfield Race Riot of 1908, sixteen people died. $ 150,000 in property damage. The riot was a catalyst for the formation of the NAACP. The population of Springfield, Illinois was 45,000 at this time.

8/11/21: The enslaved politically correct term coined for the slaves who landed on present-day shores of the United States in 1619.

8/4/2021: Trini Ross appointed to lead Buffalo-based Western New York District attorney’s office, if confirmed she will be the first black woman to head that office.

07/28/2021: Kimberly Drew, born 1990, art curator and writer. Former head of social media at the Metropolitan Museum.

7/21/2021: Ketanji Brown Jackson born in 1970, raised in 2021 by Biden at the United States Court of Appeals for DC and claims to be the first black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court.

07/14/2021: Mary Ellen Pleasant 1814 – 1904 “The mother of civil (or human) rights in California”. Also a cook.

7/7/2021: Florence Price 1887-1953 first black woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer, and the first to have a composition played by a large orchestra.

6/30/2021: Skylar Heath, 20, black transgender woman gunned down in Miami, Florida on November 20, 2020.

6/23/2021: Dior H Ova (aka Tiffany Harris), 32, black transgender woman, killed on July 26, 2020 in Bronx, NY.

6/16/2021: Danika “Danny” Henson, 31, a black transgender woman gunned down and killed on May 4, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland.

6/9/2021: Alexus Braxton, 45, black transgender woman aka Kimmy Icon Braxton, killed on 2/4/2021 in Miami, Florida.

6/2/2021: Serenity Hollis, 24, black transgender woman shot dead on May 8, 2021 in Albany, Georgia.

05/26/2021: Cassie Ventura born in 1986 is a black and Filipino singer, songwriter, actress and dancer.

05/19/2021: Naomi Campbell born in 1970. British actress, businesswoman and model of Afro-Jamaican and Chinese-Jamaican origin.

12/5/2021: George Maxwell Richards 1931-2018, first President of Trinidad and Tobago of Native American (and Chinese) origin.

5/5/2021: Marabou is Haitian and means mixed race, including European, African, Taino, and South Asian.

04/28/2021: Thelma Harper 1940 – 2021. First black woman elected to the Tennessee legislature in 1989.

04/21/2021: Baby Esther née Esther Lee Jones 1918 – 1921, date of death unknown. Singer and children’s entertainer in the 1920s.

4/14/2021: Tishaura O. Jones born March 10, 1972, first black female mayor of St. Louis, MO in April 2021.

04/07/2021: Something Good — Negro Kiss 1898 first recorded a kiss between blacks in a film.

3/31/2021: Jayla Roxx is the first transgender woman of color to launch a beauty brand, “BatMe! Cosmetics ”in the United States.

03/24/2021: Nnenna Stella founded The Wrap Life from her exploration of her individuality and wraps are for everyone.

03/17/2021: Maia Chaka is the first black woman to be an officer in the NFL.

3/10/2021: Sheila Edwonna Branford 1/27/1960 – 1/29/2021 created the Scottsboro Boys Museum and Cultural Center.

3/3/2021: Katrina Adams born on 8/5/1968. First black president of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

27/01/2021: Calendly is a planning app owned by Black.

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