Here’s how you can share or lend your Kindle books


Reading a book can be an immensely rewarding exercise, something that perhaps only an avid reader can relate to. It’s like a journey into a world of your own creation. You turn off the book (or put down the reader) after you finish reading and close your eyes, you seem to relive everything you had visualized while reading and immerse yourself in it. Sometimes you’d like to keep it all to yourself, although there may be times when you want to share your feelings with someone who you think can relate to whatever you’ve been through while reading. Luckily, there’s a way to share or lend your Kindle book, just like you would a physical book. Read on to find out more.

What do you want to know

Before we get into the steps of lending your Kindle book, here are a few things to keep in mind. Not all books can be loaned. To find out if the book can be loaned, click on the three dots to the left of the e-book title. Only books that offer the “Lend this title” option can be loaned. The e-book will remain unavailable to the lender for the duration of the loan. This even applies to your own titles that you may have purchased.

Moreover, as the site ZDnetComment mentioned, it is the publishers who set the loan terms although it is usually a 14 day period. If the book is not accepted within seven days, it will revert to the lender. Also, since the book is loaned and not sold, there is no royalty payment involved. Only titles purchased on Amazon can be loaned.

To lend your Kindle book

Now let’s get to the steps for lending an e-book you’ve purchased.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account, either through the mobile app or through the browser.
  2. Click “Account & Lists” in the top right corner to access your account settings.
  3. Click “Content and Devices” under the “Content and Digital Devices” tab to see all the content and devices you own.
  4. Click the “Content” tab at the top to see all the eBooks you’ve purchased or borrowed.
  5. For each e-book you have in your collection, there is a list of options displayed to the right that defines the things you can do with the particular title.
  6. Here, select “More Actions” which will open a drop-down list of options.
  7. If the particular title is loanable, you should see the option “Lend this title”. Click on it.
  8. You will be guided to a page where you will need to fill in the recipient’s details. This includes their email address, name, or any personal message you wish to convey.

To be shared with the family library

This provides another way to share your Kindle title with others. Moreover, it is the option to try in case the title is not lendable. The steps to share the book with Family Library are also similar.

  1. It’s just that instead of choosing the “Lend this title” option, select “Manage Family Library” instead.
  2. You’ll see a pop-up where you need to select someone in your Amazon household to share your track with.
  3. After making your selection, click the “Make changes” button to share your e-book
  4. You can add or remove a book from your Family Library at any time.

It is worth mentioning that you have the option of sharing some of the benefits you are entitled to as a Prime member with your family members. However, this only applies to one adult member but can cover four teenagers and four children. You can add or remove users from Amazon’s Household through the “Manage Your Household” option.

The point to keep in mind is that sharing is a one-time option. Once you’ve shared a title for up to 14 days, it can’t be shared again.


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