Grandpa commits suicide after payday loan debts got out of hand


A tragic grandfather committed suicide after his debts to payday loan companies got out of hand.

Ian Jordan, 60, has racked up more than £ 20,000 in debt with more than 12 companies in a year despite being unemployed due to poor health.

The father of two committed suicide on November 22 last year by overdosing on painkillers.

He was found dead at his home in Botley, near Southampton, Hants, a week after his last visit.

An inquest into his death held last week at Southampton Coroner’s Court heard his doctor sounded the alarm after he missed several appointments.

He had written a note on his laptop which officers found when they entered his home.

Mr Jordan’s family yesterday urged authorities to do more to prevent the number of cash strapped people from falling into the debt trap.

They even posted a video on YouTube titled “Merry Christmas Daddy: Payday Loans” warning others to seek help if they get into debt.

Moving video: Samantha Carr posted a YouTube video featuring her late father in hopes of cutting payday loans.

His daughter Samantha Carr said: “He was borrowing money to pay off debts (which was) to pay off debts.

“The interest rate is one thing, the fact that you already have this debt was another. It got out of hand.

“They were just taking him out of his bank account. He had no money in the last days of his life.”

The investigation learned how Ian had been unemployed for years due to poor health and suffered from a hiatus hernia.

He was then removed from Job Seeker’s Allowance, but the loan companies continued to take the money.

After the Southampton and New Forest hearing, Grahame Short recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Short said: “The memo makes it clear that he wanted to end his life. I was not aware of his debt level until today.”

Family memories: Samantha Carr pictured as a child with her father Ian Jordan.

Paying homage to her father, Samantha described him as “the life and soul of the party”.

But she said her father’s tragic case showed how vital it was to crack down on payday businesses.

Samantha added, “Why are they still lending people money when you have debt?

“My main concern is making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Mr Jordan’s ex-wife, who asked not to be named, also told how payday loan companies sent him 1,000 texts after his death.

The mum-of-two, who lives in Bristol, said: “People are getting calls after their death and Ian has received 1,000 texts after his death. They have also sued the family.

“We want to emphasize that payday loans should never text people after they die.”

She added that the texts didn’t stop reaching her phone until they took it apart.

She said: “He was too sick to go to work and had Barrett’s esophagus, which meant he couldn’t swallow.

“All of us grandmothers with grandchildren should be worried about this and the government should crack down on it so harshly.

“Some payday loan companies operate in the same buildings, all with different names, but operate under one roof.

“It’s heartbreaking that you have to borrow money to pay back other funds that you have lent and the government is not doing enough.

“I now have an ex-husband who committed suicide which is horrible and two children who don’t know why he didn’t ask for help.”

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Together with her daughter Samantha Carr, she is now seeking to get involved in supporting other families who have lost someone to suicide.

They team up with a charity called SOBS – Suicide Grief Survivors.

She added: “There was a case on TV about a young student in need of money at a nightclub.

“She used an app on her phone to borrow £ 100 and had to pay back £ 150 just 28 days later. This needs to be cracked down.”

* For confidential assistance, contact Samaritans on 08457 909090 or click here for more details.


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