Ethics, data and transparency could boost international student recruitment


The platform enables targeted outreach and recruitment for universities and better college selection and funding for students. GradRight’s core team have been instrumental in creating innovative universities in India and the platform reflects their collective experience in building higher education institutions while being aware of the challenges facing students. in the pursuit of the education of their dreams.

Launched in December 2020, GradRight’s FundRight has already transformed the student loan process in India. The platform’s 11 lenders compete with each other to offer their best loans up to $ 150,000 to students. Thanks to GradRight’s FundRight, students have so far saved $ 1.5 million in interest charges through a completely online process.

“We are making higher education funding more accessible,” says the company. “80% of our students come from 2000 plus, Tier 2 and 3 cities in India with limited access to education loan options.

“We’ve increased the odds of getting a loan by 500% by bringing together all of the top education loan providers on one platform. With GradRight, students choose and don’t beg to fund their graduate studies.

Following the success of FundRight, GradRight launches SelectRight. In March 2021, HSBC and the Ministry of Electronics and Informatics, Government of India rated the Twin Platforms as the most innovative platform for the higher education sector in India. SelectRight is a dream come true for university admissions offices.

The platform creates an ethical bridge between universities and millions of Indian students seeking higher education abroad. A suite of engagement tools allows universities to engage directly and invite applicants who fit well with their unique and desired cohort profile.

This cuts up to 30-40% of their outreach, lead acquisition, marketing, and admissions management costs to find, engage, and sift through a huge pile of unqualified prospects or mismatched candidates. The platform goes even further by allowing universities to have early and real-time visibility of matched applicants in order to dynamically monitor the training of their cohort at each admission cycle..

“Universities are able to identify students who fail to obtain funding”

Combined with FundRight, the platform’s universities are able to identify students unable to secure funding and more effectively target financial aid to high potential students.

At the heart of the product is an innovative data science-based matching algorithm that uses more than six million data points in 10,000 STEM and management programs in 700 institutions in six different countries to generate a set of curriculum. impartial choices that perfectly suit a student’s unique profile and aspirations.

The platform questions the absolute and to a certain extent the relevance of the overall ranking for the selection of a college.

“While Oxford may be ranked 1 globally and may indeed be the most ideal for some students, for others it may be ranked lower in its overall suitability if a student considers the chances of admission, the total cost of education, scholarships and matching expectations like “suitability” for themselves, “we note.

SelectRight sets itself apart with its student-centered approach by fully empowering them to choose and apply to college.

He believes that each student’s journey is unique and that no counselor has the expertise to meet this diversity of needs and aspirations. To meet the need for high quality personalized guidance, it offers a market of current student mentors or alumni of those programs who are particularly suited to the aspirant.

“The platform questions, to a certain extent, the relevance of the world ranking to select a college”

“In this decentralized Uber of counselors, aspirants can choose to speak to as many student-mentors as possible for a fraction of the fee they would typically pay for one-on-one counseling and get a direct debrief of this program and college. . and also get their application for this program reviewed by them.

“The specificity of the advice, the convenience and the savings that this will offer the student is important. “

SelectRight is free for students, disrupting the paid counseling model that traditionally lacks transparency, offers limited choice, and is often viewed as predatory. By creating detailed profiles on the platform, students benefit from SelectRight’s rich data and algorithms to eliminate incompatible choices.

Bringing together key stakeholders removes information asymmetry, ensures efficiency and unlocks a lot of value for students, banks and universities. GradRight ushered in a new era of industry organization, on a global scale.

About the authors: This is a sponsored article from the GradRight team. Gradright is led by co-founders Aman Singh and Sashidhar Sista who have extensive experience in establishing higher education institutions in India. Aman and Sasi were both part of the founding team of Ashoka University, a leading liberal arts and science university in India. Sasi then received the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship to pursue a Masters in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. More recently, Archita Jha joined the GradRight team where her goal is to develop institutional partnerships. Archita holds an MA in International Education Development from Columbia University and has worked at the US-India Educational Foundation and King’s College London.


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