Black Knight’s MSP loan management system aims to help managers operate more efficiently while reducing costs


For more than 50 years, the Black Knight MSP Loan Servicing System has helped service operations from sourcing, loan onboarding, payment processing and escrow administration to investor reporting, compliance management, defect handling and more.

MSP is a single, comprehensive platform used by managers of all sizes to support a wide range of lending products, including first mortgages and home equity loans and lines of credit on one system. unique.

“MSP is used to service approximately 36 million loans,” said Black Knight President Joe Nackashi. “The system’s scalability makes it suitable for portfolios of all sizes. In fact, 42% of MSP customers manage fewer than 50,000 loans. »

As rising interest rates impact origination volumes, competition for purchase refinance consumers is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, services need to critically focus on their customer retention strategies.

The MSP system is integrated with several tools that can help repairers increase retention, including Black Knight’s customer service solution. With this single app, reps have access to the customer information needed to quickly respond to borrower questions, resulting in faster call resolutions.

Additionally, MSP integrates with Black Knight’s Servicing Digital solution to provide customers with fast and convenient access to their loan and property information from any device. Offered as a mobile app and web-based solution, Servicing Digital delivers the self-service capabilities that today’s consumers are looking for, helping providers amplify customer experience and loyalty efforts. By empowering customers to perform tasks and access loan, home and property information on their own, Servicing Digital helps reduce the workload and stress of busy maintenance operations.

MSP also supports retention through its integration with Capture, Black Knight’s core analytics solution that proactively monitors loan portfolios that could benefit from refinancing based on an individual’s specific capital position. customer and/or the current first lien rate. Using current lender pricing and the latest market and margin structure, Capture helps generate accurate, borrower-specific pricing scenarios.

Black Knight is committed to performing regular updates to the MSP system to help customers meet their regulatory requirements. These continuous improvements help repairers stay current with ever-changing federal regulations, supporting compliance and reducing risk.

MSP offers built-in default functionality that helps with loss mitigation, as well as foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims, and billing processes. This feature is especially critical today as services help their borrowers return to active payment status after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Repairers using MSP can maximize the crew they have while reducing costs and operating at higher levels of efficiency. The system leverages features such as advanced decision-making, workflow, and integration tools to help users simplify and streamline processes and reduce costs.

“Black Knight’s MSP loan servicing system, combined with all the built-in functionality, provides a complete solution that our customers trust,” said Nackashi. “Black Knight is committed to advancing mortgage services with scalable and innovative solutions, backed by decades of financial stability and industry expertise.”

Anthony Jabbour, CEO

Anthony Jabbour leads the overall vision and direction of the business and is passionate about delivering innovative solutions across the loan lifecycle that help lenders and managers retain existing customers, win new customers and operate more efficiently.


Joseph Nackashi, President

Joseph Nackashi is responsible for helping Black Knight deliver integrated and innovative solutions that help transform the industry and is committed to delivering superior customer support and helping customers achieve greater levels of success.


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