Belt and Roadkill in Cambodia is the lower Sesan 2 dam as UN Guterres bans press from exposing it


Belt and Roadkill in Cambodia is Sesan 2 lower dam as UN Guterres bans press from exposing it

By Matthew Russell Lee, Book
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UN GATE / SDNY Tribunal, November 27 –

China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” engulfs the United Nations, invited by gluttonous United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who has personal financial ties to her, see below.

Now this: A massive Belt and Road-funded hydroelectric dam in northeast Cambodia, completed in 2018, has undermined the lives and livelihoods of thousands of indigenous and ethnic minorities. The Lower Sesan 2 Dam flooded large areas upstream from the confluence of the Sesan and Srepok Rivers, two tributaries of the Mekong, displacing nearly 5,000 people whose families had lived in the area for generations. Many were forced to accept inadequate compensation for loss of property and income, received poor housing and services at resettlement sites, and received no training or assistance in obtaining new livelihoods. The other affected communities upstream and downstream of the dam have not received any compensation or assistance – like Haitian families whose bread

the employees were killed on
cholera brought by the UN.

China Huaneng Group, a large Chinese state-owned power generation company, built and operates the dam. The Royal Group of Cambodia and the Vietnamese state-owned electricity company, EVN, have minor stakes. Chinese government banks provided most of the funding, which was reportedly budgeted at over $ 800 million …

Speaking of money, Guterres omitted from his public financial disclosure the money he took from the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. When Inner City Press, which reported exclusively on the UN corruption trial of CEFC China Energy’s Patrick Ho in US District Court for the Southern District of New York, asked the UN about the omission where he had been resident correspondent since Kofi Annan’s last days, Guterres had Inner City Press expelled and banned since.

So now: how corrupt is the United Nations? What is the border between real-world injustice and fiction, black comedy?

A newly published short story “Belt and Roadkill” raises these questions.

The UN’s corruption, its documented dominance by China, as evidenced by two recent real-world corruption lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, is the rationale or message of the text. But the meta question of what a novel is is raised by its form and length. (It’s available, first on Kindle, here).

Earlier this month, Parul Sehgal in The New Yorker lamented the democratization of literature, or content, by Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing. But who are the guardians? Who should they be?

The author of Belt and Roadkill years ago stood on the brink of elite / elitist publishing, summoned to a venerable business in Union Square in Manhattan and said if only the actual names of the predatory lenders of Citigroup could be abandoned, it could be possible to go ahead.

But aren’t public figures open to satire, without the risk of defamation proceedings?

Aren’t these Predatory Benders who seize thousands of homes just targets, like those at the UN who cover hundreds of rapes by peacekeepers, and ten thousand Haitians killed by cholera, to name only two examples?

Belt and Roadkill doesn’t even mention Haiti once. However, he names Cameroon and Western Sahara, Huawei and the January 6, 2021 insurgency, violation, or protest, whatever your policy.

Let a hundred flowers bloom, as Mao said before going to cut them down. There will be more.

[Belt and Roadkill: A Story of
Dis-United Nations, by Matthew Russell
Lee, Inner City Press is on Kindle,
and by paperback soon.]


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