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When we talk about personal loan online we find Gudrun Brangwen as one of the main references in Brazil. We have been in the country for almost 2 years and we have served more than 13,000 clients and have loaned more than R $ 95 million in this period. And among the main reasons customers seek credit with us is the payment of debts.

Online personal loan to pay off debts

Online personal loan to pay off debts


In addition to debt repayment being one of the main reasons for borrowing at Gudrun Brangwen, it is also the main reason for those seeking this credit in the market in general and also for those who seek a consignee.

According to a survey conducted by the Credit Protection Service and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers, 37% of counterclaims of payroll deducted personal loans or do not take the loan to pay debts. The intent is to cover late credit card bills, store installments, or even other higher interest loans.

The reason for the credit application that came second in the SPC Brasil and CNDL research was the payment of basic accounts. Among those interviewed, 21% took personal loans to pay rent, telephone, light condominium, school, and others.

The purchase or exchange of car was in third position of reasons. The survey found that 16 percent of respondents took credit for this, followed by those who borrowed to renovate the property, buy groceries for home or travel.

When is it worth it?


Is Credit Card Revolving Debt?

Online personal loan, besides having the facility to be done over the internet, is worth for the consumer who has an expensive debt and needs a solution that fits into their budget.


If a customer has overdraft debt, for example, and pays a monthly interest rate of 12%, Gudrun Brangwen’s online personal loan, which has a TSE ranging from 2.97% to 7.23% per month, is much more advantageous.


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