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The return of soil clauses is one of the issues that most concern consumers. Our customers constantly ask us about the status of open processes. The return of the floor clauses took shape in the judgment of the European Court in favor of the clients of financial entities. Why? The signed mortgage contracts had fraudulent clauses, such as these abusive clauses called floor clauses.

Guidance on the return of floor clauses

According to public data, customers who claimed their mortgage loans including land clauses have been able to recover around 220 million euros . The funds returned by the public banks have increased their value thanks to the judgments favorable to consumers. Europa Press , collects data on two possible solutions for those affected. The refund in cash or the amortization of outstanding bank debts. The majority, 82.3% of consumers have chosen to pay back cash, compared to the rest who chose the repayment of their debt.

What are the so-called floor clauses?

How to get the return of the floor clauses

In summary, they are abusive clauses within mortgage loans given to thousands of Spaniards. These floor clauses limit the discount of the fees paid by the consumer when the Euribor falls below a certain number. Due to the lack of transparency in its commercialization, most of the courts consider them null.

In fact, there has been a 90% success in claims submitted to Bankia. In figures, some 186 million for some 37,000 customers affected by the floor clauses.

Affected? Learn about the return of the floor clauses!

The most important thing is that you review the mortgage contract signed with the bank. Check the subscription of the fees you have subscribed from the beginning. The most advisable thing is to be advised by experts who solve all the procedures involved in these judicial processes. Win in peace with the best professionals in the sector. If you can certify that you did not know the implications of the corresponding clauses, you will be more likely to win the case.

We are specialists in the return of land clauses and have dealt with many claims to financial entities throughout Spain . Bankia, BBVA, Unicaja, Banco Popular, Caja Rural, Sabadell, among others. We are aware of the current situation of the sector thanks to professionals who worked in banking and know all the practices of banks. Therefore, our direct contact with the client and the experience will accelerate the steps towards success. Recover the money of your mortgage with guarantees. Claim your floor clause with us.


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