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Time Tensions Part 5

There are Time Tensions with Science This is the last “time tensions” post I will do before moving on to discuss more positively the Analogical Day View. I saved this for last because I consider it almost irrelevant to my position. The Analogical Day View does not hing on science, it is based on the […]

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History & Hard Science

I wanted to reply to a comment that was left in my analysis of the Ham/Nye debate, but I needed to have pictures, hence a separate post. Nye refuses to draw a distinction between the two (historical and observational), and therefore it is a valid point of discussion. Agreed You called geology a soft science, […]

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Ham vs Nye – Post Mortem

Introduction I have only seen parts of the debate, so my comments are admittedly provisional. I wasn’t expecting a lot out of the debate since neither Ham nor Nye are scholars in fields relevant to the debate topic. They are both popularizers, so on that mark they are equals. On the whole I think that […]

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Atheism & the Death of Logic

I found this article in one of the magazines I get at work, and I thought I’d comment on certain parts of it. http://www.pneumatictips.com/2481/2012/10/blog/the-death-of-logic/?utm_source=EmailDirect.com&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=2012-10-09+PNEU+Campaign Being an engineer, I value logic a great deal. Give me a free body diagram any day over needless emotional drama. But in watching the continuous political debate unfolds on TV, […]

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Science & Christianity

This is something I saw a long time ago but I thought I’d post it here just as a reminder of the importance of worldviews. The following is from the pen of Michael Shermer: We parents can’t help feeling this way, and neuroscience explains why. Addictive chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin surge through the […]

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