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My Approach to the Word & World

In recent days Greg Boyd seems to be concerned with how people will handle Bible difficulties. He thinks that many people will lose their faith when they encounter these difficulties. He thinks that those who don’t lose their faith will be unnecessarily stressed out about finding an answer. At this point, there are at least […]

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I like hard books. Keller’s book is hard, not because of how it challenges my mind but by how it challenges my life. The book is broken into two parts, exegesis and practice. Both are necessary and it is helpful to have it in one volume. Like so many conservative Christians I had political positions […]

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Conspiracy Theories

Thankfully, this is not something that is unique to Christians. Many conspiracy theorists and enthusiasts are simply secular.  Still, there are more Christians that fall for these than I would like to see. There are the classic government conspiracies and cover-ups as exemplified in the Mel Gibson film “Conspiracy Theory” or the Fox series “The […]

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