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Christless Christianity

The American Captivity of the Church This is tagged as a book review, but really it is just a collection of quotes that I found particularly striking. The focus still seems to be on us and our activity rather than on God and his work in Jesus Christ. In all these approaches there is the […]

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Fellowship – Part 1

James Montgomery Boyce spoke of a Scotsman in church who left this note folded up on the pew: To dwell above with the saints in love, Aye, that would be glory. To dwell below with the saints I know, Now that’s another story I think that poem really resonates with many people. What we would […]

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Fighting Dullness

Fighting Dullness with Entertainment Many people think of worship as dull and boring. Many churches, in an effort to overcome this dullness, try to make their services energetic, loud, contemporary, or anything else that may help to entertain people so they don’t think it is boring. But this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what worship […]

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