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This is a follow-up post on my last one. Mr. Corey continued his attack with this: The other day I wrote a provocative piece on some surface reasons why I’m not a Calvinist. One of the key issues that is typically covered when discussing Calvinism and alternatives, is the discussion of “free will” over “predestination”. […]

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The Recidivism of Former Fundies

There are a lot of different belief systems in the world. It takes study to understand people who are different from us or who believe differently from us. In our day and time we have ready access to almost anything we would want to know. It still takes study, but the resources are readily available. […]

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Assurance Dialog

For those who may be interested, here is a conversation I had with a Lutheran on the assurance of salvation. His comments are in black, mine are in blue (there is another fellow by the name of Mark also in the discussion. I have largely left him out except where we overlap. His comments are […]

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