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If you are in need of a personal loan to pay off debts or make a dream, know the personal credit of Banco Semear, how the loan application works, and the fees charged by the financial institution.

Banco Semear was founded in 2006, in Minas Gerais, after the merger between the Seculus group and the Emblema bank. Currently, Semear offers digital services such as investments, second-hand tickets and loans for individuals and companies.

How Does the Personal Loan?

Personal loan

The personal loan of Banco Semear is done by means of partners, the so-called banking correspondents. To find the nearest Sowing bank correspondent, you must use the financial institution’s site locator. According to the client’s state, Semear indicates which partner works in the region.

Rates and conditions for hiring the loan

Rates and conditions for hiring the Semear loan

The personal loan modality usually has the Total Effective Cost (TSC) more expensive than payroll or secured loans. According to information from the Central Bank , the CET of Semear’s personal loan was 12.26% per month and 300.64% per year until November 13, 2018.

As the banking correspondent Semear is different in each city, the requirement of documents may vary. But, it is important to have at hand, when applying for your loan, these basic documents:

  • Identity document – May be RG or CPF
  • Proof of residence – May be a bill of light or water that proves your home address
  • Proof of income – May be bank statement or holerites

Is It Worth It To Make A Personal Loan?

Because it is a personal loan, it has higher interest rates compared to other forms of credit. And in the case of Banco Semear, you will not always be able to locate a bank correspondent for the financial institution in your city.

This makes borrowing difficult. It is more advantageous to research companies that make loans online, so you do not depend on your location and have the convenience of being approved in the comfort of your home – this tool of IQ Loans can help you.

If Sowing is your choice to make the personal loan, remember that it is not directly from the bank that you will apply for the loan, but from the closest partner.


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